Our experience includes all phases of the project delivery process:

  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Programming
  • Design Phase Documents
  • Code Research
  • Cost Estimating
  • Product Research
  • Specification Writing
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration
  • Project close-out

“95% of our projects were delivered on time and have a change order rate of less than 3%”
LifeStream Hope and Recovery Center 0.4%
LifeStream Academy Classrooms 1.5%
LifeStream Clermont Outpatient Facility 2.5%
The University of Tampa Austin Hall HVAC renovation 2.6%

Meeting the clients schedule and budget with minimal impact on their operations is the most fundamental aspect of our service.

There are many challenges to delivering a project: Unforeseen conditions, unclear goals, unrealistic budget, conflicts and omissions can quickly add unexpected cost.   Additional pressure from some contractors to add profit through change orders will test even the best set of contract documents.  Shumake Architecture, PA has developed efficient design and production methods and utilizes a time tested systematic service delivery approach to assure all challenges are met and overcome.

Site Analysis
Detailed existing conditions surveys give us an understanding of the buildings systems which is fundamental to a successful design.  Modifying the design to accommodate the existing main systems is usually the most cost effective solution to renovation projects.

Project Design 
During the design phase we analyze the project scope relative to the proposed budget and identify major issues while there is still time to adjust the scope without dramatically affecting the schedule. Our team of designers and engineers is uniquely qualified to resolve complex space planning tasks supported by visual studies and 3d renderings.  (Click here to learn more about our rendering services.)

Specification Writing
The days of issuing the “last projects specs” are long gone. We customize specifications for each project and implement new and refined products in response to environmental concerns. Customized specifications reduce the risk of getting substandard materials or workmanship, minimize construction phase change orders and reduce risks of disputes over the quality of the completed work.

Construction Documents
Systematic construction document production standards result in high quality documents.  Document check sets are provided at project milestones for review and return coordination comments by the owner and key team members.  Clear communication reduces errors and results in fewer delays and costly mistakes.

Standardized bidding documents and procedures form the ground rules for an efficient, fair bid process which attracts multiple bidders.  Contractor qualifications and bonding requirements are clearly specified to assure only qualified construction teams are bidding the project.  Upon award, we perform a careful review of the contractor’s qualifications prior to signing the contract.

Contract Management
We draft contracts for Owner/Contractor review, resolve contract related questions during the negotiating phase and provide final contract documents for signatures.

Construction Administration
Follow through in the construction phase is imperative.  On budget at bid day does not yet mean success.  Structured construction administration procedures keep change order claims to a minimum.  We are on site at least once a week or as many times as necessary.  We invest time as needed to protect your interests and maximize the quality of your building.  Our professional judgment is based on experience which allows us to distinguish minor construction irregularities from major issues and effectively resolve them while maintaining construction team cooperation.

Project close-out
We stay focused through this critical phase confirming the completed project meets your requirements and expectations.  We settle and close any contract agreements, update project and contract records and archive information for future use.

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