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TO BIDDERS: Bid addenda or other additions/changes to the bid documents will be issued directly by e-mail.  The project’s Dropbox folder may not automatically reflect these changes.  Please refer to our e-mail correspondence for the latest updates.  When online documents are updated, they will be noted under “Description/Updates.”   To be included in our update email list, please notify us at

For corrections, questions, request access to documents or other concerns, please contact us at

Project No. & Name ItemDescription/Updates
1802- UT Bailey Art Studio Interior RenovationBid Documents Original Upload: June 5, 2018

June 8: ADDENDUM-1.
June 11: Bid List (Correction)
June 12: Pre-Bid Meeting- Sign-In Sheet (with contact info); Invited Bid-List (with contact information of subcontractors who came to the meeting); ADDENDUM-2; "Unit Prices Form" Updated
June 14: Pre-Bid Conference - Meeting Notes
June 15: Equipment Cut Sheets (Revised 06.15.18); Bid Tabulation (Sample sheet)
June 18: ADDENDUM-3;Bid Submittal Schedule (Bid Questions folder)
June 22: ADDENDUM-4; Unit Prices Form;Addendum-5; Bid Tabulation (Sample Sheet)
1719- Science Wing Re-RoofingBid DocumentsApril 20: Files available for download

April 27: Addendum-1
1709-LSBC 20-Bed CSU & 32-Bed RTFBid DocumentsOriginal Upload: March 13, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check updates regarding project re-bid. Contact us if you have any questions at

*March 15, 2018- Soils Report, Project Manual, Bid Questions (answers to commonly asked questions)
*March 16, 2018-
*March 19, 2018- Addendum-2
*March 21, 2018: Addendum-3; Bid Form
*March 28, 2018: Addendum-4; Bid List
*April 3, 2018: Addendum-5; Bid Form; Bid List (Contacts)
*April 4, 2018: Addendum-6; Bid List (Contacts); Bid Form
*June 21, 2018: Revised Architectural Drawings (See subfolder in "01-Drawings" folder)
*June 22, 2018: Addendum-7
1739-UT Plant Hall Suite 100Bid DocumentsNovember 6: Addendum-4 (See "Addendum" folder for updated documents)
November 2: Addendum-3 (See "Addendum" folder for updated documents)
October 27: Addendum-2; Invitation to Bid, Bid List, Bid Tab Sample
Initial Upload: October 24, 2017.
1737-UT Plant Hall SC-ToiletsBid DocumentsInitial Upload: November 2, 2017
1704- Star GingerProject Manual
Binder Set
Equipment Cut Sheets
1701-Beacon College Student HousingDrawings, Project Manual and Addendum-March 8: Addendum 1
-April 24: Addendum 2 & 3
-May 12: Updated drawing sets
-June 21: Updated drawing sets
-July 14: Updated Construction Administration documents
1607-Centerstone of Florida- Crisis CenterBid Documents
1601-UT Plant Hall Floor ReplacementBid Documents-February 7: Bid list
-Febraury 14: Pre-Bid Conference, Addendum 1
-February 15: Addendum-2
-February 16: Drawings-Grant Funded Scope
-February 22: Bid List
-Febraury 24: Addendum 3 & 4
1601-UT Fletcher Re-roofBid Documents-February 3,: Initial Upload
-February 16: Pre-Bid Conference Notes
-February 22: Addendums 1 and 2
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