The University of Tampa – Morsani Hall “Star Ginger”


The University of Tampa updated the Morsani Hall Dining Hall with the addition of Star Ginger.  The renovation of an existing coffee shop  into an Asian Fusion eating hot spot gave the campus an exciting new option among its diversified eateries. One of the challenges presented to our team was how to design the layout with all the equipment and functions required for an eatery with diverse food options in such a small space, while also providing an efficient area to prepare food.  This was accomplished by having an organized flow of service, and diving the customer lines into two (soup line and rice bowl line).  This way, multiple customers could be served, keeping the wait time to a minimum.   Aesthetically, Star Ginger was designed to blend in with the existing eateries while also having a unique look to match its distinct taste.  This was done by utilizing some of the existing finishes while incorporating some Eastern elements (such as bamboo textures).

To learn more, click the following link to read the article written by The University of Tampa school paper “Minaret”:


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