LifeStream Behavioral Center – CSU & RTF in Clermont FL

The 28,800 SF facility has five main areas: Pharmacy wing, Administration, Intake, Dining, Crisis Stabilization Unit and Residential Treatment Facility. Safety and security of both staff and patients was a priority in the design process. The facility was designed to minimize the patients’ ability to harm themselves or others by implementing anti-ligature design throughout areas with client access and by providing security windows and other similar dividers that allow the staff to monitor and conduct in a secure manner.

The separate Intake entrance provides a secure and private way for clients to be admitted into the facility. A sally port is provided to allow entrants to submit and secure items prohibited from the facility to ensure safety for building occupants. The Intake Area has interview rooms each with a security windows and deal tray separating the staff from the client to allow for interaction in a safe environment. Other support spaces include a Storage Room for clients’ belongings, Exam Room, Intake Rooms and Offices.

The dining facility includes both interior and exterior areas. It is centrally located in the building providing convenient access from both staff and clients alike. Additional amenities include a full food serving line, a prep/holding room, dishwashing and dry storage room. It is in close proximity to the loading area for convenient delivery of food and other dining resources.

The north wing houses both the Crisis Stabilization Unit and the Residential Treatment Facility. All of the clients’ rooms have two beds and a shared bathroom. CSU wing is divided between two zones, each with five bedrooms, Nurses Station, exterior secured seating area, laundry room, and a general observation area within the line of sight from the Nurses Station. Both zones share a common Close Observation Room for patients who need closer attention from the staff, and Nourishment room that serves as a kitchenette for the residents. The mirroring RTF wing, which serves long-term residents, feature similar amenities. It is likewise split in to two zones, each with eight bedrooms, Nurse Station and a General Observation Room. Both zones share a common Group Room for meetings, a Nourishment Room similar to the one in the CSU, and three offices for staff utilization.

Both the CSU and RTF share a common Nursing Unit Support Area, which includes a Med Room, Med Waste, Supplies, Exam Room, Laundry Room, Dirty & Clean Linen Rooms, Seclusion Rooms, Bathrooms and a Break Room. This area is easily accessible from the wing leading to the north side of the building and centrally located between the CSU and RTF wings. It is designed to maximize space and efficiency by grouping the service rooms together and sharing common use spaces for the entire nursing staff’s utilization.

Outdoor covered seating areas are provided for all the client wings. The CSU wing has a secured exterior areas that include a play yard to allow for clients to spend time outdoors safely.

The pharmacy wing provides multiple services to support clients’ outpatient needs. The rooms consist of doctor’s offices, Nurse Exam rooms complete with their own examination tables, and a pharmacy fitted with separate drop-off and pick-up/consultation windows.

Located within the South Lake medical campus in Clermont, Florida, the facility was completed in 2021.

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