Centerstone of Florida- Psychiatric Unit Expansion

Located in Bradenton, Florida, the south wing of the hospital was converted from an administrative wing to an extension of the existing psychiatric unit. The 2,900 square-foot renovation includes three (3) double occupancy bedrooms, one (1) single occupancy handicapped accessible bedroom, nurse’s station, dayroom and cafe.

The goal of the overall design was to create a comfortable, home-like environment for the patients.  This was accomplished by introducing natural light to the areas where both patients and staff spend most of the time working and interacting with each other.  Each double occupancy rooms have a desk area with a view of the outside, movable curtains for privacy if needed and a vanity area.  Details such as custom designed shelves, shoe racks and foot lockers were also incorporated to give each patient a sense that the space is their own, while sound absorbing panels add another level of privacy for patients.

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